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Current Verticals


Moving by means of its own power, self-moving automobiles; of or having to do with automobiles or motor vehicles.


A step or stage in growth, advancement, etc.  An event or happening.


The business of operating a farm; agriculture.  The letting out to farm of land & revenue


The make, form, or shape of a thing.  The current style or mode of dress, speech, conduct, etc.  The prevailing custom in dress, manners, speech, etc. of a particular time, especially as established by the dominant section of society or the leaders in the fields of art & literature

Fitness / Nutrition

Fitness is the condition of being fit; suitability, appropriateness, healthiness, etc.  Nutrition is the series of processes by which an organism takes in and the series of processes by which an organism takes in and assimilates food for promoting growth and replacing worn or injured tissues.


Solicitous entertainment of guests.


A sheet or roll of a flexible cellulose material covered with a substance sensitive to light and used in taking photographs or making motion pictures.


The sale of goods or articles individually or in small quantities directly to the consumer.


A large farm, especially in the Western United States with its buildings, lands, etc., for the raising of cattle, horses, or sheep in great numbers.  Any large farm devoted to the raising of a particular crop or livestock.


A desire to help mankind, esp. as shown by gifts to charitable or humanitarian institutions; benevolence.

Llewyn Jobe

Founder & President

Llewyn Jobe is a luxury entrepreneur who is introducing a new way of life for elite  minded individuals who have shared goals of living healthy, lavish lifestyles while  keeping their roots planted in the outdoors. He has gained 18 years of automotive experience in the ultra-luxury sector earning him distinctive expertise and perspective.  His most recent role as General Sales manager of O’Gara Beverly Hills, the worldwide leading dealership for Aston Martin, Bentley, Bugatti, Koenigsegg, Lamborghini, McLaren and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, enabled him to lead the sales team to new heights in their elite market.

In German, Lebensstil means “lifestyle” or “way of life” and in 2020 Jobe created Lebensstil USA to house all of his creative thoughts about doing business in a way that follows his passions putting the enjoyment of life first, a “work to live” lifestyle.  A lifestyle that is healthy, lavish, philanthropic and with as much access to the outdoors as possible!  Current verticals include automotive, consumer products, film production, and hospitality.

Like Jobe himself, Lebensstil USA has headquarters in Beverly Hills, CA and Dallas, TX.